Cover imageA Programmer's Guide to Java™ Certification

A Comprehensive Primer

(First Edition)

Khalid A. Mughal Rolf W. Rasmussen

ISBN: 0201596148

Table of contents


1. Basics of Java Programming

2. Language Fundamentals

3. Operators and Assignments

4. Declarations and Access Control

5. Flow Control and Exception Handling

6. Object-oriented Programming

7. Inner Classes

8. Object Lifetime

9. Threads

10. Fundamental Classes

11. Collections

12. AWT Components

13. Layout Management

14. Event Handling

15. Painting

16. Applets

17. Swing

18. Files and Streams

19. Javadoc Facility

A. Taking the SCPJ2 Exam

B. Objectives for the SCPJ2 Exam

C. Annotated Answers to Review Questions

D. Solutions to Programming Exercises

E. Sample Exam