Accompanying CD

The CD accompanying the book contains resources to help prepare for the exam.

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Whizlabs Exam simulators

The CD contains limited versions of the Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 and SCJP Upgrade exam simulators. Whizlabs also provide web-based versions of the Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 and SCJP Upgrade exam simulators.

Whilzlabs is offering exclusive an 10% discount on full versions of its SCJP 1.4 and SCJP Upgrade exam simulators. Details about this offer can be obtained by sending an email to with the license numbers found in the documentation on the CD, or by visiting the Whizlabs web site.

The CD also contains the source code from the book and a mock exam engine prepared by the authors.

Other Resources

Here are some links to some other resources.

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Programming tools and documentation

Several resources are available on the Java website at Sun Microsystems. Most importantly, you can download the latest Java System Development Kit (SDK), and read the Java platform documentation. If you download the Java SDK, be sure to get the latest version.

Exam information

The certification exam is provided by Sun Educational Services, and is administered through a company called Prometric.

The main page for certification exams from Sun Educational Services provides the link to the Java 2 Platform certification. All pertinent information can be found in the Success Guide for the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform exam.

Sites with extensive Java Certification resources (Online discussion forums, study groups, sample exams, etc.)

More links at Google Directory on Java Certification.


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